About Us


Chicago Web Design and Development:  Offering Online Intelligent Solutions for Today’s Leaders

Golfo Media is a Chicago based, web design and development, company founded by the versatile entrepreneur, Federico Dantoni. At Golfo Media, we are dedicated to providing intelligent responsive web design solutions for today’s leaders that meet and exceed their expectations and professional industry needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we offer a unique approach to chicago web design, web development, and Chicago mobile web development.

Through diligent efforts and tactics, we always stay up-to-date in real-time on the latest Chicago mobile web design trends and capabilities. This diligence helps to ensure that your website remains fully-functional, compatible, and operable on all interactive web-based devices at all times.

Founder, Federico Dantoni, has emerged as a chicago web design leader in recent years providing Global Online Solutions to both International clients and to clients within the United States. And these solutions are not limited to just web design; Federico Dantoni is also a well-known, talented music composer.

Some of his recent works include but are not limited to the 2013 49 Chicago International Film Festival Trailer music, currently working on this year's music for the new trailer and commercial, a widely-recognized Starbucks Campaign, recorded on the track "What's Going On?" for the album Playing for Change 3, and much more. He has a long history of providing IT maintenance, encoding, and consulting services to clients around the world.

Our Approach - Training and User-Friendly Content Management Systems

Golfo Media is not only here to assist you with your web development and to help you avoid wasting your time on website builders, but we also empower clients by providing them with user-friendly Training Sessions and Video Tutorials.

Once your site is up and running, and fully-functional, these particular services have been implemented to help your management team to successfully manage your new website on their own.

Handling your own content puts you in charge of making necessary timely web design changes without the need to hire a professional web designer every time you have new content for your site.

Golfo Media Web Design Company will also guide you and put up-to-day with todays SEO best standard practices so you can keep a good rank on the search engines.

Regarding our Joomla! Video Tutorials, you can expect to learn:

  • Joomla! Installation
  • How to Handle Site Errors
  • How to Implement Site Security
  • Extensions Reviews
  • And more.

If you’re just not comfortable handling your site’s content management yourself and you’d prefer to allow Golfo Media to handle all of your company’s site maintenance, we can do that, too, for just a small fee. Our ultimate goal at Golfo Media is to help business owners and leaders of all sizes to project their success through newly designed website with or without the need for our professional maintenance services.