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Why making your company website yourself is not such a good idea

Why making your company website yourself is not such a good idea - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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At Golfo Media Chicago Web Design we are always happy to assist you with all your online needs, but should you decide to make the website yourself that's your choice. On Chicago Web Design's Website you will find free web development tutorials that will guide you through server problems, code, extensions, modules and plugin problems and incompatibilities and how to get around them you can use them as a guide.

Our advice is for you to keep your business vision in mind, do not loose focus and try not to waste your precious time studying software or interfaces or even worse making a really cheap looking website with a do it yourself hosting company template. 

Your website is your image and that of your business, you must project an image of success at all times. After all you are moving forward so keep moving forward also with technology or you will become a dinosaur. Now-a-days almost everyone will check you website even before contacting you. 

Some people still thinks that the internet is the future coming at us very rapidly. But the internet has been the present for a while and a lot of people has been profiting from it. There is a reason why the organic real estate of the search engines, Goggle in particular is fought for so much by a bunch of companies. 

ORGANIC LINKS: The organic links of a search engine are the first top 10 unpaid links of the 1st page, after the 3 adds, those are Pay Per Click or PPC and every time someone click on it the business pays a fee, it can turn to be a lot of money, but I know companies such a car repair shops that make great revenue using PPC.

The Internet Today:

In today's internet almost 90% of the websites you find are outdated, old technologies and trends that are no longer applicable, patched here and there. I can't believe there are still websites using flash technology that are virtually making it completely invisible to mobile and tablets. (40% of the Market)

Basically you have 3 ways of making your website:

1. Make it Yourself using one of today's Content Management Systems. 

Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal are the Leading Open Source Content Management Systems today.

You'll have to be very careful on how to go about making a site on this way. It takes years to learn how to use well any of these Content Management Systems. Not only can take you for a long time to learn, but also you are taking risk of making serious mistakes before you even begin. After all these CMS are tools for web developers.

Advice: Build the Website on your Computer's Local Server. Avoid Working Online.

Most people that makes a site in their WordPress or Joomla! go ahead and install it through their hosting company to their server. After that they start building the site directly online.

- The obvious disadvantage is that you are developing online limited to the speed of the internet. 

- But worse. Did you know that google can start indexing your site while you are writing and rewriting and reordering the menus? 

That's right and the only thing you are creating are broken links and a big mess on Google which of course will result on Google penalizing you and bringing you down in the ranks. And at this point you haven't even thought of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You didn't even begin making your website and you are already being penalized and you don't even know it. Of course there is a way of avoiding this problem if you tell the CMS to keep the google bots away, but this is only one of many.

2. Using one of the Hosting Company Templates

You can also go online and buy one of these hosting packages in which they offer you a template service for what you have to pay an extra fee every month and of course you have to build the website yourself using one of the available templates they have. 

All these type of websites look alike and they really are not going to represent you business as it should, they are very limited in what you can change or update and it does not allow you to add future functionalities. But mainly your website will not look up to standards.

3. You can Hire Golfo Media Chicago Web Design

Let our team of experts make you the website your business needs. We'll make sure your website does not only look up to standards, but also fully Integrated with Responsive Technology so it can be viewed on every device, computers, tablets and mobile devices, despite what you may think by now that is a huge part of the market, nearly 40% of the market says the report from Marketing Land.

If you need an e-commerce site perhaps you prefer to use Adaptive Technology instead of Responsive Technology. The Disadvantage is that you are going to have two sites to maintain. The advantages is that you can program the mobile system with jQuery and use the keys and buttons of the device to manipulate the website and even create an app which will make it easier for people to shop on you website. That will depend of course on the nature of your business.

We'll make sure you site is customized to your business needs. Once the website is up and running we'll train you or your team to use the system. Through the following methods.

1. Skype Training Sessions. 

Skype Chat conferences with the team that will be in charge of a particular task.

2. Video Tutorials (Best Value). 

Video Tutorial Training Courses are useful for companies that change employees and interns in regular basis. These companies prefer this system because it gives them a training program they can use to trained new recruits.

3. Let Golfo Media Take Care of the Maintenance for you.

Some Companies prefer not to use their infrastructure and rather let us do the maintenance for them.

If you have any questions or inquiries. Please feel free to request a free quote. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 312-730-6864.

5 Measures to secure your Content Management System

5 Measures to secure your Content Management System - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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Websites are under constant attack by hackers and spammers. In particular Content Management Systems. The most common types of attacks are SQL injections or attempts to insert files with malicious code, which they can do through a vulnerable url of a plug in or component, especially if that particular component or extension has not been updated it for a while.

The attacker's objective could be vary, from taking over your hosting account to using your email system to send a massive spam email campaign with your account, which in term the situation will end with your hosting provider suspending your services and therefore taking your website or websites off-line.

Another objective could be simply placing backlinks attempting to gain search engine rank for their spam pages.

And of course there are other types of attacks such as gathering confidential personal or business information, among other number of other reasons.

Most of the time these attacks are undertaken by machines, if a high level hacker targets you personally, well then you are toast; unless you happen to be a multimillion corporation that spends millions of dollars on internet security and even they get penetrated eventually.

But these types of hackers go for bigger fish, if you have a small to medium business this will not likely be the case, but your site will be attacked somehow at some point regardless, if it does never happen great, but if it does it is better to be prepared.

It is always a good idea to take preventive measures and protect your Content Management System to avoid these kind of ugly situations.

If you use Joomla! today, there is a video with instructions on setting up a firewall on your website in our Golfo Media Chicago Web Design tutorials section, where we talk about these issues and show you how to implement them on your Joomla! Website.

Basically there are a few preventive measures that would be a good idea for you to adopt.

1. Protect the administrator backend of your Joomla! site with a password, since everybody already knows how to access a Joomla! site back end by typing  /administrator. (Please referrer to our video Joomla! 3 How to hide the administrator backend to learn this procedure.

2. Use a Firewall System because not only it will rate the level of safety your website currently has and a number of things you can do to improve it, but it will also give you a report of suspicious activities on your website's server and the IP addresses related to such activities, along with a description on the type of attack. Also it will allow you to blacklist these ip addresses and even write them a reason, if they ever comeback to attempt it again to let them know that they have been banned from the website and why.

3. Maintain the version of your Content Management System and it's extensions up-to-date. Just be careful and make sure this upgrade with not interfere with an essential extension, or you might loose some functionality.

4. Backup your System, we all know there is not such thing as a fool proof system. So have a backup system from where you can recover your website in case all of your safety measures fail. We've also talked about this subject on the Golfo Media Chicago Web Design Tutorials page in our video entitled How to Backup and Restore a Joomla! Website.

5. Having an SSL on your domain is a great idea it will secure your website and it will also help the site to rank higher on the search engines.

There are a number of other things you can do to secure your website. I suggest you stay informed. There are great Joomla!, Wordpress and Internet Security experts giving great advise on the subject online and also there are great books you can read about internet security.

How do I know if I need a new Website Design?

How do I know if I need a new Website Design? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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Here at Golfo Media Chicago Web Design we are always happy answer any questions you may have.

Now a days we are sure you've heard about responsive technology, adaptive designs, e-commerce, content management systems, HTML5, Java Script. What do those things mean? How do we know we need any of these staff?

Another thing you are going to hear is that the Internet is the Future. Wrong the Internet is here now in the present. And that's the first problem you are going to encounter when doing internet research on your own. The problem is that is that almost 90% of the websites out there are outdated already 10 or more years behind in technology.

It is not enough to have website. You need a "Great Responsive Website" so it can be access from all tyes of devices, among other important things. Of course the approach is going to depend on your type of business and budget.


But there are some quetions you should ask yourself that will definitely help you make that determination:

1. Is my site responsive or adaptive?

2. Can the site be viewed in all devices (Computers, tablets, smart phones)

3. Is my Information on my Home Page?

4. Can the people get to the info they need easily?

5. Can you see Images or Videos of the products you are looking for?

6. If it is a e-commerce, how easy is it to find a product, choose it and placing it on the shopping cart?

7. Is your copyright in yout footer older than 2012?

8. Is it Hard to kepp updated?

9. Are visitors navigating past your home page?

10. When was the last time you completely overhauled your site?



What You Should Know Before Starting Your Web Design

What You Should Know Before Starting Your Web Design - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

User Rating: 5 / 5

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When it comes to Website Development, as a Chicago web designer I will suggest to you the best way to move forward, but of course in the end the web designer will do whatever you ask, after all you are the one paying for it. So in order to avoid making fatal mistakes it is important that you do a little research yourself to learn what are today's best web design/developing practices. Do not rely so much on ideas form other websites without knowing what the best practices are first, since the internet is plagued with bad websites.

Bad Website Design Ideas:

Probably one of the most common miss-conceptions is thinking that people will visit your website for the experience. Actually they don't, people visits sites for information anything else it just get in the way and it is annoying and off course making it difficult for visitors to get information can't be good for business.

Another important issue is that there are an immense number of people accessing the internet using their smart phones and tablets, and this number keeps growing everyday. So a good policy would be avoiding flash animations that are not compatible with many devices and slows down even a fast computer.

Other bad ideas to watch out for include: not mobile friendly unresponsive websites, irrelevant content, flash animations, pop-up windows, over use of stock photos, music playing automatically, videos playing automatically, too many adds, poor navigation, inappropriate fonts. Of course the list could go on, but this just about covers the most common mistakes.

Good Website Design Ideas:

Make the site Innovative. Avoid the cliches above and use most current technologies for your interface and functionality, if you are not sure of what they are, consult with your developer or contact us at Golfo Media Chicago Web Development, we'll be happy to assist you with your questions.

Design. The less the better keep it down to the essentials. The most beautiful things are the simple things.

Easy to use. Make sure it is easy for the visitor to find what they are looking for and that the site is compatible with all common browsers and search engines.

The Look. Find a balance between looks and function, the colors, the spacing, make sure everything works in harmony and that no element is stepping on the other.

Comprehensible. Make sure the site is easy to understand, again easy to navigate and to get from point to point.

Upgradable. Make sure the site has the capability of growing, do not make a site for staying the same, not only content, but also layout and implementation of new technologies.

Size. To make it more efficient try to reduce the amount of data that has to be downloaded. Optimize the images, try not to upload videos to your server, use services such as Youtube or Vimeo, unless of course you are a Netflix or a Video service company.

With this concept in mind you are ready to have an honest conversation with your website designer and you are prepared to avoid the most typical cliches and design mistakes.