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What You Should Know Before Starting Your Web Design - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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What You Should Know Before Starting your Website Design

When it comes to Website Development, a web designer will suggest to you the best way to move forward, but of course in the end he will do what you ask, after all you are the one paying for it. So in order to avoid making fatal mistakes it is important that you do a little research yourself as to what are today's best web design/developing practices.

Do not rely on ideas form other websites without knowing what the best practices are first, since the internet is plagued with bad websites.

Bad Website Design Ideas:

Probably one of the most common miss-conceptions is thinking that people will visit the site for the experience. Actually they don't, people visit sites for information anything else it just get in the way and it is annoying. Of course making it difficult for visitors to get information can't be good for business.

Another important issue is that there are an immense number of proper accessing the internet using their smart phones and tablets, and this number keeps growing everyday. So a good policy would be avoiding bust content and of course flash animations that is not compatible with many devices and that can slow down even a computer.

Other bad ideas to watch out for include: not mobile friendly, irrelevant content, flash animations, pop-up windows, over use of stock photos, music playing automatically, videos playing automatically, too many adds, poor navigation, inappropriate fonts. Of course the list could go on, but this just about covers the most common mistakes.

Good Website Design Ideas:

Make the site Innovative. Avoid the cliches above and use most current technologies for your interface and functionality, if you are not sure of what they are, consult with your developer.

Design. The less the better keep it down to the essentials. The most beautiful things are the simple things.

Easy to use. Make sure it is easy for the visitor to find what they are looking for and that the site is compatible with all common browsers and search engines.

The Look. Find a balance between looks and function, the colors, the spacing, make sure everything works in harmony and that no element is stepping on the other.

Comprehensible. Make sure the site is easy to understand, again easy to navigate and to get from point to point.

Upgradable. Make sure the site has the capability of growing, do not make a site for staying the same, not only content, but also layout and implementation of new technologies.

Size. To make it more efficient try to reduce the amount of data that has to be downloaded. Optimize the images, try not to upload videos to your server, use services such as Youtube or Vimeo, unless of course you are a Netflix or a Video service company.

With this concept in mind you are ready to have an honest conversation with your website designer and you are prepared to avoid the most typical cliches and design mistakes.